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Brandmii Agency

Brandmii Agency

Brandmii group is Africa’s network for branded content and really AMAZING, COOL WORK. We connect brands to their target audience through seamless integration into the continent’s most premium music, digital, television, music videos and celebrity content. We create the most impactful, relevant and targeted online and offline campaigns though our integrated divisions - Brandmii Agency and Brandmii Live.

Social media is an ecosystem of connected people with millions of conversations taking place every minute, within this ecosystem influencer's and celebrities have become the most trusted media properties.

Influencer's and celebrities possess what we call “Digital assets” driven by their ability to drive trends and lead the latest conversation. For brands this represents an opportunity to speak to consumers in a voice, tone and coolness they listen to, in places they hang out.

Brandmii Agency is the LANDLORD that houses the cool spot where brands hangout with influencers and influencers lead the consumers to the dance floor.

What we do for our Brands

We connect brands with the relevant social influencer or celebrity to carry and distribute a brands message authentically into the social media....

What we do for Artists

Landing Pages for new songs [album] that draws exact demographics for email marketing and first hand promotions [sign-up with FB or Twitter].

What we do for Brands

Influencer Activation
We connect brands with the relevant social influencer or celebrity to carry and distribute a brands message authentically into the social media ecosystem. There is no question about the extraordinarily high level of influence of celebrities in our society. The clothes that they wear one day fly off the shelves the next. When celebrities say they like a certain product, the sales of that product increase by double digit percentages.

Brand positioning in music videos
Music lyrics and music videos have become an extremely prevalent medium for product placement in recent years attributed not only to the clutter of commercials on television, but also to the rise in popularity of digital video, today’s mainstay of consumer exposure to music videos. Music also allows brands a driving point of passion to engage with consumers. Because of this, brand exposure in a music video has the potential to far outreach what can be secured through a product placement in a movie or TV show, with an impact not just on a national scale, but crossing over language barriers to consumers around the world.

Custom Music campaign
When you place your product or brand strategically in lyrics of a song, the advertisement is there forever. Consumers cannot simply skip the advertisement and are more likely to actually trust the opinion of the artist promoting the brand in the song. Music allows brands to target consumers by age, sex, music taste and even specific psycho-graphic detail. With this we build communities and engage Fans Music becomes a media business around attention, we just think it’s an awesome new space for brands. We also handle all the paperwork [publishing/licensing] that comes with custom music campaigns.

Licensing partners
We source, strategize, negotiate and oversee licensing relationships for your brand with entertainment or strategic brand partners to create new brand lines, as well as secure licensed music or content for advertising campaign needs. Licensing rights are required when a brand wants to develop a new product line in partnership with an entertainment property or celebrity, or use entertainment content within a planned advertising campaign.

Brandmii agency assists brands in sourcing, strategizing, negotiating and executing these licensing relationships. Regional, National or International licensing rights are secured with celebrities, television, gaming and music properties. Licensing of a brand or property’s marks or characters allows the brand to create a new line of product that directly appeals to an established consumer fan base. Payment requires a guaranteed royalty rate based on the partnership window and estimated sales.

Brand integration
It’s a proven fact: People buy the brands they see their favourite celebrities holding, drinking, wearing or even standing near in music videos or television shows. Purchase influence occurs when consumers see a brand’s logo, hear a verbal mention of, or recognize a product they are familiar with in an entertainment property. Brandmii agency creates Brand Integration and Product Placement partnerships through Digital platforms, such as Gaming & Music that best position your product and services, while controlling brand positioning and the overall marketing message

Social Media
Finding ways to successfully engage with consumers through social media platforms are a requirement to a brand’s marketing strategy. Brandmii addresses this core brand need by creating comprehensive stand-alone social media campaigns utilizing entertainment and celebrities, providing easily digestible content takeaways and we also offer the option of full agency management of the brand’s social media universe. Stand-alone social media campaigns are crafted with entertainment, social influencer's/celebrity partners, typically incorporating contests and giveaways to further engagement and participation by current fans, while broadening the reach to create new followers introduced by the partner. Our agency additionally offers full service daily social media management where we pro-actively post and grow interactions within the brand’s social media universe.

Social media site management includes, amongst others, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram with service including:

  • Develop custom profiles on a variety of social networking sites
  • Create and schedule valuable, targeted content strategically and consistently year round.
  • Respond to all audience interactions and develop a following of social media influencer's.
  • Create a social media calendar and make adjustments as needed.
  • Manage all the various social platforms.
  • Collect, analyze and present Analytics/metrics from various sources to decide what is working best and what needs to be augmented.
  • Implement social media advertising campaigns.

Strategy Consultation
Through participating in meetings with your leadership team, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your marketing strategy and goals to develop, plan and activate supportive entertainment engagement tactics. The first step of any entertainment marketing initiative is to sit down with your team and get a very detailed, in-depth understanding of your current advertising practices, and a vision of your ultimate goals.

Brandmii Agency will secure brand rights and contractual permissions for content for use within brand media campaigns, corporate presentations or trade show events. Licensing entertainment content for advertising purposes requires fees to be paid to the rights holder, versus being considered as a co-promotion. Brandmii agency strategizes partnership options and negotiates each of these types of licensing partnerships. Should a celebrity or influencer within our network be included in the licensing concept, an additional celebrity endorsement fee will be required.

For more cool enquiries email - info@brandmiigroup.co.za or call 0723770163 / 0727594237.

What we do for Artists and people of high influence

  • Influencer activation and brand partnership
  • Landing Pages for new songs [album] that draws exact demographics for email marketing and first hand promotions [sign-up with FB or Twitter]
  • Pop-up Music Platform
  • E-commerce Store and functions
  • Partner up/advice on getting with Start-up or growth level online businesses utilizing your [artists] star-power [Part of building your investments]
  • Brand positioning in music videos
  • Social media influence capitalization [getting you rewarded and paid for your social media influence and reach]
  • Social media campaigns, management and fans interaction
  • Community building and research
  • Design and Artwork

We offer new age 360 talent management for artists and social influencers that are as cool as us.

For more enquiries email - info@brandmiigroup.co.za or call 0723770163/0727594237.